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Southview Soil
Soil Mulch Rock
We offer a wonderful garden soil mixed right here at Southview Garden Center.  
Whether it is for under your pavers or in a sand box we have it by the yard or by the bag.
Vanilla (Natural) Mulch
Our Premium Hardwood Mulch is natural and perfect for a more natural setting or for those who prefer a mulch without added dyes. Available in bulk or by the bag.
Chocolate (Brown) Mulch
Cherry (Red) Mulch
Should I use Mulch or Rock for my landscaping project?
Dyed Brown Mulch is a wonderful backdrop for nearly all shrubs and perennials.  Available in bulk or by the bag.
Dyed Red Mulch ads a great pop of color in your landscaping project. It always looks great next to evergreens. Available in bulk or by the bag.
Black Dirt
Our black dirt is pulverized and screened.  We love it and so do our customers.  It is available in bulk or by the bag.
Cypress Mulch
Pine Bark Mulch
Cypress Mulch provides your landscape with a rich, golden and natural look. It is primarily made from the bark of mature cypress trees, is very resistant to rot and decay, and lasts a long time in the garden. Available by the bag.
Pine mulch is organic mulch in that it will decay with time releasing enriching nutrients into the soil of your garden and enhancing soil quality making it perfect for vegetable or annual gardens. Available by the bag.
Cocoa Shell Mulch
Cocoa shell mulch is derived from the shell of the cocoa bean and smells like chocolate!  If you have a dog that likes to eat mulch, you should stay away from this type of mulch. Available by the bag.
Straw is most often used as a mulch for vegetable gardens and as a cover for grass seed.  It makes a great outdoor bed for your animals as well.
Hay is one of the best insulators for a perennial garden.  
Western Red Cedar
Western Red Cedar Mulch provides a beautiful brownish-red look to your landscape and wonderful aromatic cedar scent. Available by the bag.
River Rock
Wish you could bring the North Shore Home? Polish your beds off with beautiful, colorful, River Rock. Coordinates with nearly every home paint color. Available in three sizes in bulk or by the bag.

Bryan Red Rock
Keystone/Class 5 Rock
Gorgeous soft reddish color. Available in two sizes in bulk or by the bag.
Classic, understated and a great value. Available in three sizes. The smallest size is also known as Class 5 or 3/4" minus and is often used for driveways.  Available in bulk or by the bag.
First of all, choose the one you love! 

But here are a couple of things to keep in mind if you cannot decide:

Mulch is lightweight and easy to install plus the price is right! Dyed mulch and even natural mulch will fade over time, however, with little effort you can topdress your beds for a fresh perfect finish.

Rock is heavy but also works like a heavyweight champion. It tends to stay in place better than mulch. In addition, leaves and debris are easier to remove from rock beds. Rock mulch is best used around sturdy plants like trees and shrubs.
Dresser Trap
Mined in Dresser Wisconsin Dresser Trap is available in two sizes in bulk or by the bag.